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313 weight question
« on: August 17, 2014, 03:39:42 pm »
On the specs page it says my 1988 Stinger 313 weighs 4260 lbs.

I wonder is that rigged, with Armstrong brackets and all hardware, arch etc.. or bare hull out of the mold. 

I weighed my boat on a truck scale and it was 7660.

It has a Rolls triple axle aluminum trailer I figure 1500 lbs
90 gals of gas is 576 lbs
Twin 225 Evinrudes is about 700 lbs
TOTAL= 5135 lbs
Difference is 875 lbs.  I'm hoping a lot of that is rigging stuff.

Boat has never had bottom paint but I doubt it's ever had a full cover, I'm wondering just how much water I'm carrying around in the wood.  I only have a couple small soft spots in the floor. 


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Re: 313 weight question
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2014, 12:19:47 am »

weight issues is of much importance for boat trailing in Europe , the data below is from my 312 excalibur 1980

The total boat weight is 3668 kg (mesured on trailer)

With    2 x7.4 mercruiser engines and merctrans tranny  (=2x550kg)
With    2 axl trailer  (=580kg)

Without 2 front seats (2x23kg)
Without exhausts  (4x15kg)
Without TRS drives (2x63kg)
Without engine hatch 45kg
Without rear seats 40 kg
Without battery (2x22kg)
without the interior upholstery (all the cabin stuff)
without the toilet seat (13kg
without cabin closets and refrigerator (24kg)
without cords, anker (10kg)

The result is that this boat is the max in trailing weight 3500kg/ height / length (10meter) in europe , and it is the only 10 meter boat with 2 engines that legally can be trailed on european roads

I have read somewhere that the naked hull is around 1995kg. For my 312 excalibur , i think that is correct

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