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Law Enforcement WI - Blue LED Lighting
« on: June 30, 2014, 11:22:03 am »
Just an FYI:

As it is right now, you can't have accessory lights that interfere with navigation or look like the lights of an emergency boat such as a marked patrol boat. Such as a blue light bar.

The new laws being wrote would target blue LED lighting specifically.

When I'm on the water I don't stop boats just because of blue lighting at the water line or interior lighting. It would be strictly if the lighting would be up high like on arch or rack of some kind. Kind of looks like our patrol boat with our blues on. Especially if you are under way.  Definitely if they flash or pulsate in this situation.

It seems that some officers use them to initiate a stop regardless of placement being the law isn't as specific as it should be. It is a pretty slippery slope if the stop yields a citation or arrest. Many boats come stock with blue LED lighting these days and people ad to that form of lighting. With a stinger with radar arches, I'd suggest not having blue, green or red LED lights up there lit while underway to avoid issues. Up there it could be articulated as a legal justification for a traffic stop and anything subsequently would be upheld. However, if stopped for other lighting like the swim platform instance and it lead to fines or something else. I'd fight it in court. It's bull.

Obviously you should know the laws in the area you boat. I'm just talking about the chain of lakes I patrol and what the state law is in Wisconsin. But with just a quick Internet search it appears to be an issue across the US, so I thought I would share.