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Stinger 202
« on: March 01, 2013, 09:46:21 pm »

Looking at buying a Stinger 202 with a V6 and Alpha drive. Going to sell my 16' Sidewinder as I don't want an "outboard" anymore.
The boat seems to be in good shape from the advertisment pics, but I am going to take my moisture metre to the hull on my visit to see it in person.

Wondering if anyone on here has one of these boats and if you could tell me any quirks or problems you have encountered with them???
How do they perform with the V6?
I find the centre seating arangement intriguing but does the throttle get in the way?
Does it also have the imperviable "Stinger Hop" at high speeds like the 260?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I plan to buy it for an extra toy so I have something to trailer for returning to be a "river rat" of my younger days (the 390X is too big to drag around on the trailer for short runs so I leave it in the big lake all summer)
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