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Belleville Poker Run
« on: July 29, 2012, 03:42:26 pm »
Cudos to Bill and the countless others who put together the PRA and Powerboating Canada Poker Run Event this past weekend in the Bay of Quinte out of Belleville.
43 boats showed up with only five weeks of preparation for this run and it was very well organized and was a spectacular cruise though some very scenic waters. Profits went to Prostrate Cancer.
The stops in Picton and of course Belleville had great marinas and we had a fabulous lunch at Trenton. Weather was perfect and waters were calm. Couldn't ask for a more perfect day...
PRA 46 Fountain was there for a pace boat and they also had others volunteering as other pace boats and checkpoints. Snap on Donzi was there and a Nortec, Some Scarabs and Baja's, a couple fo stingers of different flavours as well as some cool California made boats called "Howards"(never seen one of those and there were 2!)
The nice thing about this poker run was that not only was it the big boys of 100mph plus, but anyone could enter the run with a cruiser or runabout and do a shorter course. It was fun for all and after all its all boating no matter what your seated long as it's on the water!
Should be a great run next year!
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Re: Belleville Poker Run
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2012, 09:30:39 pm »
Sounds like it was a great time - and a great charity.  Any chance there are pictures of any of the Stingers?