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I am familiar with the Stinger 312 as a guy has one at a marina near me. It is a twin big block inboard boat and a beauty.

Last week I went to look at one that was advertised as a 312 Stinger "Cigarette" (not a sharp seller as he does not even know his own boat?) By the way...the boat was a total wreck!
I got there and the boat had the standard tri-colour paint scheme with outboards mounted on a platform and bench seats all around. It did not have drop down bolsters, but rather a big bulged captains chairs? (not sure if it's original but the upholstry matched?) The numbers on the rear transom said "314"

I have seen 312's as I have mentioned but this was the first time I ever saw a 314. I see in the for sale sections 313's as well...

This is my question...If the number is to refelct the size of the boat's hull, 260-26 feet, 390-39feet etc, are the 312, 313, and 314 all different length hulls? Seems odd that they would adjust the transom area to extend these hulls each year? Is that indeed what they did, or did they use the standard 31 foot hull and just give them different designations for options etc?
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The model is a 314S according to the CC brochures - there are a couple of them shown on the galleries page.  Also, the brochure states that 312, 311, 313, and 314 all had lengths of 31' 6".   So, last number was some sort of model number, same hull I believe.

The 314S is interesting - I would assume this is basically for the person that wanted a 312 with the lower? maintenance of the outboards and the added benefit of more room in the cockpit.  I have an uncle-in-law who swears by outboards - easier to take off, replace, etc.  But, I prefer the 312s because of the cleaner lines.  There are examples in the galleries of people converting 312s to outboards as well.